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World Sport Kite Championships

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Since the 80s, from the USA, the kite has evolved to become controllable, and is today the subject of clearly identified competitions.

The international adventure began in 1990 with Daniel Prentice organizing the first World Cup, featuring the best sport kite flyers from around the globe. After its success, the World Cup was hosted every year in a different country.


1990 Sea Side (USA): Top of the line / USA
1991 Bristol (England) : High Performance / USA
1992 Odawara (Japan) : High Performance / USA
1993 Berkeley (USA): High Life / USA
1994 Le Touquet (France ) : Tsunami / USA
1995 Lake Entrance (Australia) : Airkraft / England
1996 Hokkaido (Japan) : Sky Dance / England
1997 Long Beach (USA) : Sky Dance / England
1998 Dieppe (France) : After Shock / Japan


In 1999, Malaysia willing to accomodate the World Cup, withdraws at the last moment for lack of funding.

National and international competitions are organized around a settlement approved by all the representative associations, met in an international competition committee .


AKA (American Kite Association) for the Americas
AJSKA ( All Japan Stunt Kite Association ) for Japan
STACK ( Stunt Kite Team And Competiion ) for Europe


At this time, the three organizations are questioning the establishment of a World Championship Kite sport.


For three years the World Cup will not be implemented …


To fill this gap , Gerard Clement , organizer of international kites meetings of Berck-sur-Mer (France) reacts. His experience in event leads him to the conclusion that the stunt kite exhibitions attract public attention during tests teams ballets.


Founding President of the French Federation of Kites (FFCV in 1986 and organizer of several championships of France, he offers the representative of FFVL (French Federation of Free Flight, which replaced the FFCV) a specific format of competition, including mainly the team events at the expense of costly individual events who represent a less relative interest for the public.


Faced with the refusal of the representative of the affinity federation, he turned to the representative of the AKA competition, Mike Gillard who confirms that the proposal is not in accordance with the rules of the World Cup, but that he is ready to support the implementation of an international competition in a new format.


With his precious contribution, the first World Championship Kite Sport team was founded in 2002 as part of RICV of Berck-sur -Mer (France), supported by the representative international organizations (AKA / AJSKA / STACK).

After the success of this first edition, without the approval of the FFVL, the operation will be repeated in 2003 and every two years from 2004, to allow the renewal and improvement of the level of participating teams.

In France, the term  » world championship  » can not be validated by an official body represented by an affinity federation, in this case FFVL for the kite, which implies participation and control in the conduct of competitions with one modeled on the International Regulations developed by the three organizations representing regulations.


In 2010, in order to keep the privacy of the organization of this competition , Gerard Clement asks Christophe Minot (organizer of the Festival du Touquet for several years and the World Cup in 1994), permission to use the term « CERVOLING » who has previously successfully identified the kite events at Le Touquet during several years.


That all those who have supported this international competition and fostered its success, are grateful.

Mike Gillard who left us, David Gomberg, Jean-Christophe Minot, Andrew Taylor, all the judges who have succeeded and of course competitors, anonymous kiteflyers, followers and spectators who are the kingpins of this event.

A special thanks to the city of Berck-sur-Mer without CERVOLING would not be what it is.